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Northern Saskatchewan Indigenous Women's Leadership Circles

New North - SANC Service Inc., "Raising Their Voices" (RTV) - project is developing a new series of opportunities through the development of Indigenous Women's Leadership Circles.

"Raising Their Voices " project is creating a regional coalition to mobilize greater political participation in northern municipality, regional and provincial governments.

The overarching goal of the project is to support a response and recovery from the impacts of Covid-19 and through systemic change address the underrepresentation of Indigenous women and other marginalized voices in leadership and authority.

The project will conduct governance workshops to grow awareness of unconscious biases that

inform decision-making processes, form coalitions among Indigenous women groups and equity seeking organizations to build a network of peer support groups and sharing circles to identify the issues that are creating barriers to participation by lndigenous women in northern Saskatchewan communities.

Please contact New North at 1866-776-5505 or 306 425-5505 or email

Susan McKenzie,

Program Manager

New North- SANC Services Inc.



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