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History of New North

New North was established on October 18, 1996 at its founding convention in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. It spent its first year working out of an office on Central Avenue in Prince Albert, before moving 200+ Kilometres north to La Ronge, Saskatchewan, where its remained since.


In that same year in 1997, it was Incorporated as the "Saskatchewan Association of Northern Communities Services Incorporated" better known as 'SANC Services Inc.'  when in 2001, SANC Services Inc. changed its name to New North - SANC Services Inc., a name well known throughout the north.


Proudly representing 35 Northern Communities within the Northern Administrative District (NAD), New North is located in a diverse and very large geographical region that divides the authority equally among four sectors, Central, East, West and Far North. To view New North's 35 member communities, click here.


From the four sectors, with the addition of a 'member at large', New North has a Board of Directors, also known as New North's Executive Board which consists of 5 members from its memeber communities. To learn more about New North's Board click here.


The Administrative Office of New North is staffed with only two, full-time employees. From monthly newsletter updates and member community corresspondance to multiple event planning and the maintaince of this very website, Chief Executive Officer, Matt Heley and Executive Assistant, Sunshyne Charles are New North's employees responsible for its day to day operations. To learn more about New North's Staff click here.

A little bit of History

Established October 18, 1996 at its founding convention in Prince Albert, SK.


An Executive Board made up of 5 of its 35 member communities, all representing a section within the Northern Administrative District Line; Far North, Central, East and West with one Member at Large.

Since 1999/2000, the NRSTA has been its main funding source.

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